Instructions for Oral Presentations:

  1. Time allotted for an oral presentation is 8 minutes+ 2 minutes for discussions. Please follow the time without fail.

  2. If your internet connectivity is not very good, we suggest you send us a pdf file of your presentation (saved with your name as the file name) on or before 9th March 2022, which will be displayed during your allotted time slot. In this case, please make sure you are present online throughout the session to address the questions.

  3. As we have a quite tight schedule, please ensure smooth conduct of presentation from your side. 

Instructions for Poster Presentations:

  1. Please prepare a single page poster with recommended size. The recommended image dimensions are 2:1 aspect ratio for landscape, you can use standard poster dimensions (A4, A0) as long as the content is legible (font size 12-16 for A4 and 50-60 for A0). Your poster can be shared in PDF, PPT, JPEG, PNG or GIF format. Maximum file size 5 MB.  

  2. The poster has to be displayed (with the share screen option in zoom) in the allotted breakout room on zoom. File name should be the allotted paper code (e.g. PP1) as given in the oral/poster presentation time schedule.

  3. We will create a breakout room on the zoom platform and each room will be assigned a corresponding poster number. After logging into zoom with the link provided, you may choose the room displaying your poster number and login into it. You can display your poster there by sharing the screen. The other participants can enter your room and view your poster.

  4. Please be present online in the assigned room, throughout the allotted time, so that the participants and evaluators can interact with you. You can unmute and answer the questions.

  5. Please prepare the poster in high resolution so that it can be zoomed in upon the request of participants (for better readability).